Rules & FAQ

The Weed Cup votes have a group of rules to practice.

These rules may be updated time to time to reflect change and update in the industry.



How can I get listed in the Weed Cup for my state?
Click here to submit your listing.

Who is eligible to be in the Weed Cup for my state?
Eligibility requirements are that contestants are a legal recreational, or medical marijuana establishment in each selected state. Rules and laws differ from state to state, provided an entity is within legal guidelines in their state, we are happy to have them listed as a contestant.

How are Weed Cup votes counted?
Each vote is counted as one vote. We combine all categories together at the end of the month, the contestant with the most votes across the board will be a "Weed Cup Dispensary Winner"

What award / category types are there?
Currently we have 9 categories.

  • Indica
  • Sativa
  • Hybrid
  • Wax/Hash
  • Edible
  • Bud-Tender
  • Price
  • Location
  • Variety

We also have special awards for various different reasons throughout the year, and at the yearly awards ceremony. These may change time to time, and additional categories may be selected by public demand.

How can I request another category?
Submit your category here, if the category has high demand or is deemed important or relevant by our staff it will be included in upcoming votes and magazine awards.



  • Weed Cup staff have the right to update and amend rules at any time due to constraints in laws, regulations and location specifics.
  • Contestants must be legal in the state they operate.
  • Voters must be considered legal, meaning medical patients must be valid patients, and in January 2014 voters must be 21 or older for recreational marijuana votes.
  • Voters must agree to the Weed Cup terms of service to vote.
  • Votes are limited to 9 per day per person
  • Contestants can be disqualified at any time
  • Votes will be deleted if abused in any way
  • IP addresses will be banned for abuse in the voting
  • Use of bots, scripts, other means to automate votes not allowed.
  • New categories and contestants must be validated and approved before use
  • Advertisement is not allowed by contestants in the voting areas

Please see our Terms of Service for more details